Halbar is a leading Electronics Manufacturer’s Representative and Electrical Agent serving OEMs and distributors in the Northwest Territory that includes Western Canada. Halbar-RTS is committed to long-term customer and principal relationships with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Halbar was founded in Southern California in 1960 and moved to Seattle, Wa in the Northwest in 1974. In 1989, Robert Shane moved from Halbar’s Southern California office to form Halbar PNW. A few years later Halbar acquired RTS, Inc and the two companies working together formed the present day Halbar-RTS, Inc.

Over the years, Halbar has demonstrated a consistent pattern of year over year sales growth and a relatively stable linecard of principals. This consistent performance shows in our long term employees, stable linecard and proven track record in an ever changing business environment.

Our long-time presence and knowledge of the territory, combined with our promotional activity provide your products immediate access to the Northwest market.

Mission Statement

Halbar RTS is an exceptional manufacturers’ representative committed to providing superior technical sales performance in covering the Western North American Region including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Western Canada. Halbar calls on customers in the Electronic, Electrical, Industrical and Utility Markets.   We provide our customers, principals and distributors with terrific customer service and are dedicated to building value into the sales process.

Territory Covered

Geographically, Halbar-RTS offers coverage in Oregon and southwest Washington from our Portland area office located in Beaverton. Our Seattle area office in Kirkland provides coverage in Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and Western Canada.


Market & Accounts Covered

Halbar-RTS targets accounts in all the major markets such as the Electronic markets including: computer and peripherals, medical, instrumentation, telecom, military and aerospace contractors. We target Commercial and industrial customers that use engineered products and components as well as the major Utilities including the Independently Operated Utilities (IOU’s), Public Utilities (PUD’s), the Municipal Electric Utilities (MEU’s) and the Coop’s.

Leadership Team

Professional Associations


Electronic Representatives Association


National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association


Manufacturers’ Agents National Association