Saginaw Control and Engineering (SCE) is the leading manufacturer of Industrial Enclosures NEMA 1, 12, 3R, 4 and 4X. SCE offers standard stock enclosures and custom designs.


Custom Designs

remote I/O systems, Primary switched-mode power supply, UPS systems, Industrial Ethernet solutions, Relays for reliable switching of sensors, motors and solenoids.

Surge protection for power systens, signal and data connections.  Signal conditioning to convert, isolate & monitor signal values.  Automation Connectivity solutions such as terminal blocks, power bus systems, etc

Enclosure systems of steel, aluminum and plastic.  Marking Systems

DIN - Terminal Blocks

DIN - Power Suppliers

Remote I/O

DIN - Circuit Protection

Contactors, Overload Protection & Starters, Control Relays, Fuse holders

Circuit Protection, Circuit Breakers & Disconnect switches

Machine Signaling Solutions audio alarm systems. Light towers

Contractors, Overloads & Starters


Circuit Protection & Disconnects

NEMA premium motors – general purpose & application specific (pump, farm, HVAC, crusher, wash down, etc.), and IEC metric, EPAct compliant, IEEE841 severe duty versions.
High quality ruggedized construction, ingress & inverter protected, configurable motors from sub-fractional to 500HP. Low voltage accessories, blower kits, modifications & services.

Farm Duty


Digital & analog panel meters, energy meters, transducers, analog instrument gages, protector trip & meter relays, current transformers, shunts

Digital Metering Systems

Analog Instruments

Current Transformers

Metal enclosed switchgear, Transformer disconnects, Unitized substations, Pad Mount Switchgear, Capacitor Banks, Primary Metering, Cable Terminating Enclosures, Specialty Customized Electrical Equipment

Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Transformer Disconnects

Pad Mounted Switchgear