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Product Highlights

ZF Increase E-Bike Speed Sensor Portfolio

By ZF Electronics

With the increasing popularity and growing trend of e-bikes, bicycle system suppliers have set goals to optimize power and performance of their drive systems. In order to support the driver in the best possible way, sensors are needed to deliver the required data and therefore adapt the engine’s power support. An essential component is the ZF e-bike sensor for measuring the current speed. The ZF e-bike sensor is based on Hall technology with significant advantages over conventional reed switches.

Speed sensors of the GS series have been specially developed for use in Pedelecs and S-Pedelecs. The sensors are based on the principle of Hall-effect and therefore they are non-contact and durable. In combination with ferromagnetic target wheels, a high-resolution speed measurement with over 50 pulses per revolution can be implemented without any problems. In practice, this leads to a finer and quicker response from the e-bike drive – especially at lower speeds (e.g. when starting up a hill). The differential measurement of the magnetic flux also increases the robustness of the sensor against vibrations. In addition, there is no need for an external magnet, which is used with conventional reed switches.E-Bike Sensor – ZF Switches USA

PhaseTrack® PT-047

By Times Microwave

PT-047 is a compact, phase stable, highly flexible, micro coaxial cable. Originally designed for space flight applications, this high-performance cable easily accommodates densely packed in-the-box applications.

High performance in a compact size

  • Broad frequency range up to 70 GHz
  • Extremely rugged and low loss
  • Highly flexible alternative to 047 semi-rigid
  • Flex tested to over 1M cycles

See Datasheet

Need To Get To Production Fast?

By Tech-Etch

Tech Etch is leading the way to help facilitate you in this process by means of our state-of-the-art Innovation Center. The center is equipped with leading edge technology, expert engineering team, and top of the line software with the focus on quick prototyping.

Dontech application engineers can recommend the most suitable optical filter or display enhancement design to meet virtually any display or optical assembly enhancement application.

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TST is now recognized as the leading SAW

By Tai-Saw

(surface acoustic wave) device supplier in Taiwan, as well as the key OEM/ODM supplier of SAW device in the world.

While firmly committed to its core strength in the manufacturing and design of the SAW devices, since early 2001 TST has expanded the span of its products and operations to cover BAW (Bulk Acoustic Wave) devices and modules (Xtal, XO, VCO, VCTCXO… etc)

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PC70 The Perfect Tower Light

By Sprecher & Schuh

Sprecher + Schuh is proud to introduce the latest tower light series from Auer Signal. The Perfect 70, or PC7, is a modern 70mm tower light series. Available in a wide variety of options, this series is the tallest in it’s class. Up to 7 (seven!) signals can be assembled into a single tower.

Check it out here!

SCE HMI Enclosures & Suspension System


HMI Enclosures:Designed specifically to house Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) and electronic controls, instruments, and components. Optional pull handles and keyboard shelf available.

  • Available in RAL 7035 gray powder coated steel or stainless steel
  • Nema Type 3R, 4, 12 & 13
  • UL Listed Type 3R, 4 & 12
  • CSA Approved Type 3R, 4 & 12
  • SS: Type 3R, 4, 4X & 12

Suspension Systems:Designed for use with the SCE HMI enclosures, to allow operators to easily move or position an HMI to an ergonomic and comfortable working position. Made of heavy-duty, reliable construction. Suspension Systems can be assembled in a multitude of configurations that allow for machine mount, wall mount, top mount, and floor mount options.

  • Aluminum or Stainless-Steel options


By Phihong
  • Dec 12, 2020
  • Phihong USA
  • 510.445.4100


Fremont, CA (December 15, 2020) — Phihong, a leading global supplier of OEM power solutions, has announced that its POE15M-1AFE-R Power-over-Ethernet injector supports data speeds of 2.5 Gbit/s. Enclosed in a low-profile, non-vented case measuring 106mm (4.17”) x 40mm (1.57”) x 27mm (1.10”), the POE15M-1AFE-R is the only 15.4W IEEE802.3af compliant injector on the market that meet the U.S. Department of Energy’s 10 CFR Parts 429 and 430, Canada’s Amendment 14 to the Energy Efficiency Regulations for External Power Supplies in the Canada Gazette, Part II, Australia’s Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards, and New Zealand’s minimum energy performance standards.

Featuring an IEC320 C6 inlet receptacle and shielded RJ45 jacks for better emissions performance and data integrity, the POE15M-1AFE-R accepts 90V to 264V AC line voltage, bears UL, CE, and RCM regulatory approval markings. The Power-over-Ethernet injector has an operating temperature of -20 to +50°C, comes with an LED status indicator light, and has built-in over-current, over-voltage and short circuit protection features.

For more information about Phihong’s miniature 15.4W single port Power-over-Ethernet injectors, please visit to access the product datasheet. For all other inquiries, please email, visit, call 510-445-0100, or write to Phihong USA at 47800 Fremont Blvd., Fremont CA 94538.


By Mill-Max

Spring-loaded pins specifically designed for sliding and rotational connections. The unique Omniball™ spring-loaded contact (patent pending) features a rolling ball interface, enabling mating components to engage in lateral, rotational and angular alignments while providing optimal electrical, mechanical and structural reliability.

Features of Omniball™ contacts include: .030” (.762 mm) maximum stroke; gold plating on all components and a .091” diameter ball interface. These spring-loaded pins are durable, they have been tested to 1,000,000 compression cycles and rolled over 67 miles (108 km) at half stroke while still meeting specifications for contact resistance of 20m-ohms max., current rating of 5.5 amps @ 30˚C temperature rise and spring force of 55 grams at mid stroke (.015”, .381 mm).See Datasheet