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Surge Protection Devices – UL1449 5th Edition Update:

You may be aware, the UL standard for Surge Protection is changing this year for POWER SPD (AC and DC) and will pass from UL 1449 4th Edition to 5th Edition.


This change goes into effect on 11/17/2023. This means that in less than 2 months, many of the surge protectors that are currently UL 1449 4th Edition, will lose their UL approval. This could have consequences for manufacturers of equipment and industrial control panels that are utilizing these surge protectors.  

CITEL entire line of SPD is already UL1449 5th edition Certified for AC, DC, and offers as well Sigal and Data SPD devices available for immediate quoting & supplying, and can assist with any compliance questions and product selections:

These requirements cover enclosed and open-type Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) designed for repeated limiting of transient voltage surges as specified in the standard on 50 or 60 Hz power circuits not exceeding 1000 V and for PV applications up to 1500Vdc:

UL evaluates SPDs to the following standards for compliance and safety, but not limited to:

  • United States: UL 1449, the Standard for Surge Protective Devices (SPDs), Edition 5 issued January 8, 2021
  • Canada: CSA C22.2 NO. 269 Series of SPD Standards


Call or email Halbar-RTS today to get information on your UL1449 5th edition compliant SPD requirements today.