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Eaton Bussmann

Eaton MPIA automotive inductor overview

By January 20, 2022May 21st, 2023No Comments

Eatonā€˜s MPIA product line is the latest advancement in low profile power magnetics designed to meet automotive electronics highest power density and thermal handling requirements. The MPIA uses an advanced molded construction design for high current handling capabilities, better thermal dissipation characteristics and superior mechanical strength. The MPIA family consists of the MPIA20, MPIA25, and MPIA40, which each come in varying footprints, heights, current ranges, and inductance values. The combination of a compact low profile surface mount package, magnetic shielding for low EMI, low core loss, good temperature stability over the operating temperature, and an AEC-Q200 qualification makes these power inductors ideal for a wide range of automotive applications. These automotive use cases range from body electronics, advanced driver assistance systems, as well as infotainment and cluster electronics.