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Eaton Bussmann

NTC Thermistor products from Eaton

By December 16, 2021May 21st, 2023No Comments

Eaton offers a lineup of NTC thermistors that are optimized for a range of functions from temperature measurement to temperature compensation in an array of applications. The lineup of thermistors consist of the glass-sealed NDBG and NRBG, resin-sealed NRBE, NRM, and NRL thermistors as well as the printed circuit board surface mount NTC thermistors. The axial NDBG and radial NRBG series of glass-sealed thermistors both feature high reliability heat resistance with temperature ratings above 200oC and are optimized for household and commercial appliances, solar energy systems, and industrial applications such as intelligent fire systems. The resin-sealed, radial NRBE, NRL and NRM series axial NTC thermistors feature a smaller size and faster thermal response making them ideal for temperature measurement for safety devices, office automation equipment, and home appliances. The NT family of surface mount NTC thermistors are helpful for miniaturizing circuits. The NT series is ideal for temperature compensation and available in footprints from 0402 up to 0805