Saginaw Control & Engineering (SCE)

group-web[1]Saginaw Control & Engineering (SCE)  is the fastest growing, Tier 1 manufacturer of enclosures and thermal cooling equipment in North America, and we here at Halbar are ecstatic to report SCE has expanded our territory coverage to include Washington, Oregon and Idaho on top of our current coverage in Alaska and the Western Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.  Ecstatic is at least 1 level above overjoyed and 2 levels above happy!
These electrical enclosures come in a wide variety of materials including 100% US carbon and stainless steel, as well as aluminum, and fiberglass. All can be powder coated or painted to the color of your choice.  SCE specializes in both standard off the shelf and custom designed cabinets, as well as all the required accessories (e.g. door hardware, light fixtures, floor stand kits , etc).  Why is SCE winning new customers?  Maybe because of their 2 day delivery program from one of their five regional warehouses. Yes you can still get SCE product through your favorite local distributor. You want a standard product from their huge inventory in 1 day?  episode hack Sure can do… get your order in the morning and 1 day shipping is available (except in Western Canada/Alaska).  Need an air conditioner, heat exchanger, fan, blower, or a thermostat to go on the enclosure? Yep, SCE can supply those items typically from stock.
What about quality you ask?  SCE’s continual investment in their business uses the absolute latest laser cutting, robotic bending, and powder coating equipment, on highly automated lines, housed in the largest plant expansion in their history, now totaling over 300K sq. ft., all designed to exceed customer expectations.  Now that is a mouthful of a statement but come visit the factory to see for yourself and you will be amazed how much more advanced SCE is than their competitors.    They run a lean management style which keeps pricing very aggressive and below the competition nearly every time.  Now you know why Halbar is 2 levels above “happy” to represent Saginaw Control & Engineering-the go to electrical enclosure & thermal cooling supplier for the Northwest!